Full Azure AD P1 is coming to M365 Premium

For our customers under 300 employees, Azure Active Directory Plan 1 is coming to M365 Business Premium.

Licensing Azure AD Premium Plans (Conditional Access, MFA, etc.)

Licensing for MFA, Conditional Access, and Risk-Based Conditional Access has been coming up in many of our conversations.

Microsoft Cloud App Security continues to impress!

 Microsoft Cloud App Security continues to impress our customers and us with its capabilities!  I’ll abbreviate it as MCAS, because anyone who works in the Microsoft space will know that there are way too many “CAS” acronyms. Haha. If you haven’t heard of Cloud App Security it is Microsoft’s version of a Cloud Access Security […]

Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 Versions

Well, now that the Forefront line of products is being discontinued by Microsoft, I thought I would publish a Versions table for the Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010.  Microsoft’s lack of guidance on a replacement for TMG has lead many customers to continue using and installing new TMG 2010 servers, so it’s worthwhile to know […]

Modifying the Default Forms-Based Authentication Pages for Outlook Web App/Access

This a link to a good article on modifying the logon page for OWA FBA. http://richardkok.wordpress.com/2010/10/22/creating-a-custom-forefront-tmg-2010-owa-fba-logon-page/

Exchange 2010 Edge and Threat Management Gateway

http://www.cgoosen.com/2010/05/securing-exchange-2010-with-forefront-threat-management-gateway-tmg-2010-part-1-the-introduction/ http://www.cgoosen.com/2010/05/securing-exchange-2010-with-forefront-threat-management-gateway-tmg-2010-part-2-installing-exchange-server-edge/ http://www.cgoosen.com/2010/05/securing-exchange-2010-with-forefront-threat-management-gateway-tmg-2010-part-3-installing-forefront-protection-for-exchange-server/ http://www.cgoosen.com/2010/05/securing-exchange-2010-with-forefront-threat-management-gateway-tmg-2010-part-4-installing-forefront-threat-management-gateway/ http://www.cgoosen.com/2010/06/securing-exchange-2010-with-forefront-threat-management-gateway-tmg-2010-part-5-putting-it-all-together/ http://www.cgoosen.com/2010/06/securing-exchange-2010-with-forefront-threat-management-gateway-tmg-2010-part-6-publishing-outlook-web-app/

AD: Viewing full object metadata to determine when an attribute was changed

View the metadata for an AD object to find out more details about when its specific attributes were modified. This is very handy when trying to troubleshoot details about a specific object.. See when and where an attribute was updated which can also help track down who made the change if the entry was captured […]

AD: Managing Local Administrator Group Memberships

Being able to easily delegate access to domain systems is essential for administrators to enable necessary IT staff to manage their environments. The proper OU structure along with the deployment of Active Directory GPOs makes this a fairly simple task. GPOs can be used to add users or groups to local admins or to replace […]

Sync your Domain with an Internet time server

Recently, the time on all of my domain computers was out of sync. Each computer in my domain had the same time, but it was about 10 minutes slow. Domain computers get their time from your domain controller(s), so I looked into syncing the time of my DC with an internet time server. The steps […]