Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

With CloudServus, you can expect customer-centric solutions and a level of service that rivals our competitors.

As more companies pursue business infrastructure options that give them flexibility and scalability, great focus has been placed on the purchase and maintenance of software.

Now, most companies can just download what they need from the software provider's website after they purchase the licensing agreement and can host everything on the cloud.

While the Enterprise Agreement (EA) is the legacy agreement used by several large organizations, newer options have surfaced over the last few years that allow companies to create customized software needs.  One such solution is the Cloud Solution Provider program, or 'CSP'.

What is CSP?

A CSP is a company who facilities access to the Cloud through licensing. Cloud Solution Providers vary in options of support, services, and pricing.

What is the Microsoft CSP Program?

The Cloud Solution Provider Licensing Program (CSP) is Microsoft’s first cloud-focused licensing program. CSPs help you take advantage of Microsoft Clouds (Office 365, Azure, and Dynamics) by packaging their products and services with Microsoft solutions and consolidate them into a monthly or annual billing structure. 

The CSP requires only a minimum of 1 of any licenses, offers monthly payment plans, and offers support provided by the Microsoft Partner. The partner can get to know your business personally and provide Service Level Agreements (SLA) to meet your business’s goals. 

Why is it used?

The popularity of the CSP solution has increased over the years, as it allows companies to develop a licensing solution that best meets their needs of today and goals of tomorrow[SM1] . Less restrictive than the industry-standard Enterprise Agreement (EA), which requires businesses to sign three-year commitments and pay the billing cost upfront.

Partnering with a CSP allows businesses to pay for the Monthly Term or Annual Term with Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience (NCE).

Partnering with a CSP will also ensure that the business is using, and paying for, the right software (or “SKU”) for what they need. 

Benefits of CSP vs Other Licensing Options

As mentioned above, the benefits of using a CSP over other licensing options is vast, but let's break them down:

Microsoft Direct Licensing

  • Buy the licenses you need when you need them.
  • Expect to pay retail rates for each license.
  • Includes basic Microsoft support. High-level support (such as premier) is an extra cost.
  • No partner-led support.
  • Microsoft billing and invoicing.
  • This option is best for small business- less than 50 employees.

Enterprise Agreement (EA)

  • Minimum of 500 licenses.
  • Agreements run for three years and are invoiced annually.
  • Discounts are controlled by Microsoft and are limited to renewal.
  • Renewals can include upgrades that the business may not be ready to deploy.
  • You can add seats at any time but can only decrease seats annually.
  • Premier support is extra.
our Pick

Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

  • No minimum or maximum license required. Add or remove licenses when you need.
  • Monthly billing instead of annual.
  • Support is included through the CSP partner, with priority access to Premier.
  • Optimize licensing spend, choose the products you need, and gain access to business reviews that cater to your business needs.
  • Best for businesses who need between 50-2,400 licenses. Level B EA business (2,400-5,999 uses) may still find value in CSP.

Why CloudServus?

It's important to find a high-quality partner that you trust to act as proactive stewards of your Microsoft licensing needs. A tripe-Gold Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider like CloudServus can guide you through the Microsoft ecosystem, leaving little room to fumble your way through the online searches for help.

If problems arise and you are looking for support, CloudServus aims to improve the Microsoft support experience by handling 80% of tickets in-house. In the event we need to escalate the ticket to Microsoft, customers can take advantage of our buying power and Advanced Support Contract for Partners to escalate. This upgraded support is provided at no additional cost through the CloudServus CSP program. 

With CloudServus, you can expect customer-centric solutions and a level of service that rivals our competitors.

"CloudServus genuinely cares for their clients. I'm not just some invoice number to them. I'm not just an account number." - Bhavik Bhakta, Director of Information Technology at Hayes Locums

Our experts are here to find the solutions that best meet your needs today, while providing you with an optimization roadmap that will help you achieve your goals of tomorrow.

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