Licensing Azure AD Premium (Conditional Access, MFA, etc.)

⚡ Azure AD Premium Plans ⚡

Licensing for MFA, Conditional Access, and Risk-Based Conditional Access has been coming up in many of our conversations.

🔸 Azure AD Premium P1 – You can use Azure AD Conditional Access to prompt users for multi-factor authentication during certain scenarios or events to fit your business requirements.

🔸Azure AD Premium P2 – Provides the strongest security position and improved user experience. Adds risk-based Conditional Access to the Azure AD Premium P1 features that adapts to user’s patterns and minimizes multi-factor authentication prompts.

Licensing Azure AD Premium Plans:

✔ Neither plans are included in your Office 365 plans

✔ Azure AD Premium is an EM+S technology

✔ Azure AD Premium P1 is included in EM+S E3

✔ Azure AD Premium P2 is included in EM+S E5

✔ Azure AD Premium P1 is also included in your Microsoft 365 stacks (Business Premium, F1, F3, E3)

✔ Azure AD Premium P2 is also included in your Microsoft 365 E5 SKU

✔ Both can be added ‘a la carte’ to your current stack

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