Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 Auto-Discovery and SRV Search Order

It seems to be a day for writing about auto-discovery, the process whereby an application, in this case Microsoft Office Communicator (MOC), can use a limited amount of information to automatically discover the users’s OCS Server. Auto-discovery is based on MOC’s use of DNS resource records to obtain the necessary information. I’ve been reading the […]

Unified Communications Client API Terminology

This article defines some terminology commonly used with Microsoft’s Unified Communications solution, Office Communication Server 2007. Continue Reading

OCS 2007 Archiving SQL Queries

These are copied from the ArchivingCDRReporter read me… The following are some user specific SQL query samples that are intended to guide you through extracting relevant reporting user or time range specific information from the Archiving/CDR Database. The general usage queries are already added as part of the tool. Continue Reading

How the OCS Address Book Works

The OCS 2007 Address Book service’s primary purpose is to provide updated GAL information to the OC 2007 client. It will also provide phone number normalization service for OC 2007 clients. The ABServer.exe is scheduled to query AD periodically for updates to user / group /information and provide this delta of updated information to the […]

Regenerating the Corporate Address Book on Office Communication Server 2007

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007\Server\Core>abserver -regenUR Wait 5 minutes and then run the same command with the -SyncNow switch On the client, close Office Communicator, and delete GALContacts.db (found in the user’s profile directory under Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Communicator) and then restart the client.

OCS 2007 Port Requirements

Office Communication Server 2007 has a number of port requirements that are specific to the feature that you will be deploying. The following diagram breaks out the required ports based on the server role you are deploying. Continue Reading

OCS 2007 Resource Kit Tools Overview

Overview The Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 Resource Kit Tools provide a set of deployment and technical reference information for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007. The set of tools and documentation in the Resource Kit Tools can be used as a complement to the Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 documentation or as stand-alone tools. Continue […]

OCS 2007 Design and Sizing

The Office Communication Server 2007 Planning Guide provides loose guidelines on infrastructure sizing. These are only guidelines and not hard limits, except that an Enterprise Pool will only support up to 125,000 users. Continue Reading