CloudServus is a fast-growing, triple Gold-certified Microsoft consultancy based out of Austin, Texas.  

The CloudServus mission is simple:  We aim to be a 'Top 1%' Microsoft consulting partner that is dependable, takes pride in our craft, and strives for excellence in everything we do.  

'Servus' is a nod to our owners' German heritage. In Southern Germany and parts of Central Europe, 'Servus' is used as a friendly way to greet or say good-bye to someone, similar to the Hawaiian use of 'Aloha'.  'Servus' is colloquially used to greet people you know well, especially close friends.  Roughly translated, if someone greets you with 'Servus' it means 'at your service.

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Core Values


We approach all jobs with the same high energy and hard work to provide the best service.


We are one team and believe in helping others in anyway we can.

Future Thinking

Technology is constantly changing, therefore our services need to be constantly changing.


It is important to trust one another and believe that we will all do our part.


We understand that things change and we pride ourselves on being able to change with them.


This is our chosen career, so we take pride in our work and our reputation as master craftsman.

We picked CloudServus because they were the only firm willing to take on the task. Nobody else had any experience doing this single-byte language to multi-byte language transition because the base instance in Korea is Korean. The overseas things made things complicated. This was a project that a lot of the other vendors were not interested in at any price.
Harold Burns
Senior Director of Technology & Infrastructure, NCSoft
CloudServus stood out for its transparency, technical competence, and “genuine care” for its customers.
Vik Bhakta
Director of Information Technology, Hayes Locums

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