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Identity & Access Management with Microsoft Entra


Ensuring access security in an interconnected world


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Protect any identity and secure access to any resource with a family of multicloud identity and network access solutions


Microsoft Entra emphasizes identity and access management, ensuring that user access and privileges are managed efficiently and securely. This advanced identity tool centers on applications, networks, identities, and infrastructure, providing a seamless user authentication experience.

CloudServus experts are adept at harnessing the power of Microsoft Entra for superior identity and access management. Our team is committed to guiding you in smoothly integrating Microsoft Entra into your organization. Our goal is to ensure that user access remains controlled and compliant, adapting to evolving business and regulatory challenges.

Streamlined identity and seamless network access

Microsoft Entra offers a comprehensive identity and access management solution, ensuring secure access across on-premises, multicloud, and software as a service (SaaS) environments. Effortlessly establish a robust framework for user authentication and access control with automated identity verification, role-based access, and end-to-end user activity tracking. Empower authorized users with secure, seamless access while maintaining the integrity of your IT infrastructure.

Secure access to any app or resource from anywhere

Take advantage of adaptive identity and network access controls to secure access to any app or resource for every user or digital workload across your entire environment.

Protect and verify every identity

Implement consistent security policies for every user—employees, frontline workers, customers, partners—as well as apps, devices, and workloads across multicloud and hybrid.

Provide only the access necessary

Discover and right-size permissions, manage access lifecycles, and ensure least privilege access for any identity.

Simplify the user experience


Reduce IT friction and improve the hybrid workforce experience with seamless access to any resource, single sign-on, user self-service management, and automated lifecycle workflows.

Key Features of the  Microsoft Entra Admin Center

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CloudServus’ consultants grasp the intricacies of deploying advanced identity and access management solutions like Microsoft Entra. From navigating the multifaceted IT environments and ensuring thorough control over user access and permissions, to optimizing user experience and setting up precise user authentication protocols, the tasks are manifold.

Our adept team of Microsoft Solutions Partners is primed to seamlessly integrate Microsoft Entra's identity and access management features into your infrastructure. We ensure a smooth transition, always keeping a resolute emphasis on securing user identities and managing access efficiently.


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Explore the Microsoft Entra Family

Identity and access management

  • Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory)

  • Microsoft Entra ID Governance

  • Microsoft Entra External ID

New identity categories

  • Microsoft Entra Verified ID

  • Microsoft Entra Permissions Management

  • Microsoft Entra Workload ID

Network access

  • Microsoft Entra Internet Access

  • Microsoft Entra Private Access

Mastering Identity and Access Management with Microsoft Entra through CloudServus


Whether you're initiating your endeavors with Microsoft Entra or striving to boost its identity and access management features, CloudServus is your go-to ally. Our distinguished team of Microsoft consultants is on standby to support you in harnessing the sophisticated identity and access management capabilities of Microsoft Entra, guaranteeing robust control over both internal and external user access.


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