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Azure Arc


Secure, develop, and operate infrastructure, apps, and Azure services anywhere. Start your hybridization journey with Microsoft Azure Arc.


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Innovate anywhere with Azure Arc


Azure Arc is a bridge that extends the Azure platform for building apps and services to run across various data centers, multicloud environments, and the edge. With a uniform approach, develop cloud-native apps on different platforms, including Kubernetes, virtualization, IoT devices, and integrated systems. Make the most of current investments and do more with less using cloud-native solutions.

Why Deploy on Azure Arc?

Consistent development and operation experience to run cloud-native apps anywhere and on any Kubernetes platform.

Deployment of data services like SQL and PostgreSQL as cloud-native services in your preferred environment for data insights.

Azure security and governance for applications, data, and infrastructure across diverse environments.

Flexible infrastructure and connectivity options to meet your regulatory and latency requirements.

Your Journey with Microsoft Azure Arc


We can assist you in evaluating how Microsoft's Azure Arc can meet your specific requirements, showcase the benefits it can provide to your development workflow, and guide you in setting up your Azure Arc pipeline.

1. Maturity Audit


2. Strategy & Design


3. Transition


4. Optimization

Key Benefits of Azure Arc

Develop cloud-native apps and operate them anywhere

  • Build and modernize cloud-native apps on any Kubernetes.
  • Integrate Azure monitoring, security, and compliance into your DevOps toolkit.
  • Reduce errors and accelerate innovation with GitOps and policy-driven deployment and configuration across environments.
  • Get up and running immediately with your existing tools and practices.
  • Write to the same application service APIs that can run consistently on premises, across multiple clouds, and in edge environments using any Kubernetes.
  • Optimize costs with Azure Hybrid Benefit to run Azure Kubernetes Service on Windows Server and Azure Stack HCI at no additional cost for Windows Server Software Assurance or CSP subscription customers.
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Harness data insights from the cloud to the edge

  • Create applications faster with an end-to-end solution from local data collection, storage, and real-time analysis.
  • Reduce management overhead and risk exposure through integrated security and governance tools for data.
  • Improve operational efficiency through consistent data and AI tools, services, and automations.
  • Deploy Azure Arc-enabled SQL Managed Instance or PostgreSQL (in preview) on any Kubernetes distribution and on any cloud.
  • Get started in minutes with one-click deployment of the managed machine learning add-on, and train models on any Kubernetes cluster with Azure Machine Learning.
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Secure and govern applications, data, and infrastructure across diverse environments

  • Use cloud-based threat detection, response, and analytics with Microsoft Defender for Cloud.
  • Centrally manage a wide range of resources including Windows Server on Azure, Linux on Azure, SQL server, Azure Kubernetes Service, and Azure Arc-enabled data services.
  • Perform virtual machine (VM) lifecycle management for your Azure Stack HCI and VMware environments from a centralized location.
  • Delegate access and manage security policies for resources using role-based access control (RBAC) and Azure Lighthouse.
  • Govern your disparate environments through the Azure portal to simplify multicloud management and drive operational efficiencies.
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Meet regulatory and connectivity needs with flexibility

  • Meet residency and sovereignty needs with a variety of infrastructure options including Azure Stack HCI.
  • Meet governance and compliance standards for apps, infrastructure, and data with Azure Policy.
  • Get simplified edge computing infrastructure for low-latency applications.
  • Operate with full, intermittent, or no internet connection.

Your Trusted Partner in Azure Arc


Our expertise in Azure Arc can help you transform how your teams build applications and services with the flexibility to run across datacenters.

Whether you need assistance with setting up and managing Azure Arc, or require assistance with Azure Arc pricing, our team of experts can provide tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.

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Partner with CloudServus for Your Azure Arc Journey


Unlock the full potential of cloud-native application development with Azure Arc. With CloudServus, you can rely on our expertise, experience, and commitment to delivering the best-in-class Azure services. Let us help you accelerate your digital transformation with Azure Arc and take your organization's Azure journey to the next level. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and explore how we can support you.

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