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- Customer Success Story -

Transforming Legacy Infrastructure to a Modern, Secure Cloud Environment

TCRG (The Consolidated Rehab Group)

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TCRG (The Consolidated Rehab Group) is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business specializing in vocational rehabilitation services for military personnel and veterans. They are recognized for their extensive experience in managing multi-state programs and providing high-quality services through a network of certified professionals. TCRG is a key provider of VA Chapter 31 and 36 vocational rehabilitation services and is known for their strong track record in fulfilling government contracts. For more details, visit TCRG's website.

For over a decade, TCRG relied on a robust yet aging application designed in 2007-2008, crucial for their operations but increasingly obsolete in the constantly evolving tech landscape.

Recognizing the need for modernization to enhance efficiency, security, and integration, they embarked on a modernization journey with CloudServus, beginning in 2019, to update their legacy system to a contemporary cloud-based solution.

TCRG's Company Vision

To modernize an essential, yet outdated, business application, propelling it into the forefront of today’s digital era.

The Challenge: Navigating Through Technological Obsolescence


TCRG's dependency on an antiquated software platform not only hamstrung their operational agility but also left gaping vulnerabilities in their security infrastructure.

This critical yet archaic system was increasingly incompatible with the rapid pace of technological innovation, significantly undermining the organization's competence in administering complex, multi-state initiatives and safeguarding highly confidential information.

Moreover, the challenge of migrating to a secure government Azure cloud environment added layers of complexity to an already intricate situation. This transition demanded not only a seamless integration of cutting-edge communication and data management tools but also a meticulous, strategic approach tailored to meet the unique needs of TCRG.

The organization faced a consequential moment: to overhaul its technological framework with precision and foresight or to remain ensnared in the limitations of outdated technology. This multifaceted dilemma required not just a change in tools, but a transformation in mindset, embracing innovation while ensuring the integrity and security of sensitive data were uncompromised.

Problems at a Glance 

TCRG faced multiple challenges with their legacy application: 

  • Outdated Infrastructure: The application, built between 2007 and 2008, was struggling to meet current technological standards, with components faulting out, leading to lost functionalities, such as reporting.
  • Complexity in Modernization: The need to migrate from a traditional Azure commercial environment to a government Azure environment added layers of complexity due to stringent government contracting standards.
  • Integration Issues: Achieving a unified system that seamlessly integrates Microsoft 365 with their application for single sign-on (SSO) capabilities was essential yet challenging. 

The Solution: Crafting a Future-Ready Infrastructure with CloudServus


Understanding the complexity and nuanced needs of TCRG's modernization journey, we embarked on crafting a comprehensive, forward-thinking strategy that went above the conventional scope of simple technology upgrades. Our teams embarked on a visionary project to completely reimagine the infrastructure, placing paramount importance on scalability, security, and seamless integration capabilities.

In our strategic approach, we harnessed the powerful functionalities offered by Microsoft Azure. This choice was instrumental, as it allowed TCRG not only to rejuvenate the outdated components of the system but to introduce a suite of advanced security protocols designed to safeguard TCRG's digital assets against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Furthermore, our initiative included the implementation of a fluid, frictionless integration with Microsoft 365, thereby enhancing productivity tools and collaboration across the organization.

This meticulously designed approach did more than just bring the system up to date; it set a solid foundation for TCRG's infrastructure that was not merely responsive to the current technological climate but also inherently adaptable to future innovations and challenges. By doing so, we effectively future-proofed TCRG's digital ecosystem, ensuring it remains resilient and competitive in the fast-paced, continually changing digital era.

Through this visionary strategy, we aligned TCRG's infrastructure with the broader trajectory of technological advancement, positioning the organization to thrive amidst the complexities and opportunities of the digital future.

Solution at a Glance 

After evaluating several companies, TCRG partnered with CloudServus, renowned for its expertise in Microsoft Azure environments. CloudServus offered a comprehensive approach to address the company's specific needs:   

  • Infrastructure Modernization: We updated the application's infrastructure, ensuring all components were current and supported, particularly focusing on Angular platforms and other critical elements.
  • Enhanced security: The security score improved dramatically from 76 to 100 under CloudServus's guidance, addressing all potential vulnerabilities and ensuring the highest standards of data protection, essential for handling sensitive personal and governmental information.
  • Expert Collaboration: CloudServus stood out for its ability to communicate complex technical processes, ensuring the client's team was fully informed and involved in the modernization journey.

The Results: A Modern App Ready for the Future

In an era where technology dictates business success, TCRG achieved a milestone that sets them apart from the competition.

TCRG's application now boasts a perfect Microsoft security score of 100. We understand that in the digital world, trust is paramount, and this achievement reinforces our promise to provide a safe, secure environment for all our users.

But we didn't stop there. Recognizing the critical role of efficiency in operational success, we've seamlessly integrated Microsoft 365 into their application's ecosystem. This strategic move has supercharged their operational capabilities, allowing for smoother workflows, enhanced collaboration, and a significant reduction in time-consuming manual tasks.

Working with CloudServus transformed our approach to modernization and security. Their expertise in Azure and their ability to clearly communicate complex processes made them invaluable partners in our journey toward a more integrated and secure infrastructure. - John H., TCRG

The integration facilitates a more cohesive and agile work environment, enabling our team and, by extension, our clients, to achieve more in less time.

The modernized infrastructure we set up for TCRG provides a solid foundation for advanced analytics and real-time data processing. This empowers their users with the insights needed to make strategic decisions with confidence, agility, and precision.

Results at a Glance 

The partnership with CloudServus yielded significant benefits:   

  • Robust Security: Achieving a Microsoft security score of 100, indicative of a highly secure and resilient infrastructure, setting a strong foundation for future enhancements.
  • Streamlined Integration: The successful integration of Microsoft 365 with the application facilitated a more cohesive and efficient operational environment.
  • Informed Decision-Making: CloudServus's transparent communication and educational approach empowered the client's team with a deeper understanding of the technical landscape, enabling informed decisions and fostering a collaborative relationship.

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