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Customer Success Stories


Hear directly from our customers on their experience working with us.
I’ve never worked with a team as exceptional as CloudServus. I love the fact that they met with me once a week consistently. I feel like CloudServus is very turnkey, a very well-rounded project team that executed the job similarly to how we systematically work through new roadway designs. I appreciate that.
Steve Davidson
Chief Financial Officer, RTG
We picked CloudServus because they were the only firm willing to take on the task. Nobody else had any experience doing this single-byte language to multi-byte language transition because the base instance in Korea is Korean.
Harold Burns
Senior Director of Technology & Infrastructure, NCSoft
CloudServus stood out for its transparency, technical competence, and “genuine care” for its customers.
Vik Bhakta
Director of Information Technology, Hayes Locums
You guys are awesome and make my life so much easier.
Rodney Nicholson
Director of IT Services, Dini Spheris
For the past four years, we’ve gone through three or four separate IT vendors. Until I met CloudServus, I couldn’t find anyone or any IT group that really knew how to manage our cloud transformation into Azure Active Directory and make it work.
Steve Davidson
Chief Financial Officer, RTG

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