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Big Data with Azure HDInsight & Azure Stream


Experts in implementing Azure Big Data Services to help analyze data workflows in your business


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Big Data Management and Real-Time Analytics with Azure HDInsight and Azure Stream Analytics


Elevate your big data strategy with Azure's specialized services. Our CloudServus team is equipped to enhance your big data capabilities using Azure HDInsight and Azure Stream Analytics.

These powerful tools are designed for comprehensive data processing and real-time analytics, allowing you to gain insights and make informed decisions swiftly. Azure HDInsight offers robust processing for big data tasks, while Azure Stream Analytics provides real-time data stream analysis. By focusing on these services, we ensure you leverage Azure's advanced features for your big data needs, maximizing the efficiency and intelligence of your data infrastructure.



Manage your big data needs in an open-source platform
with Azure HDInsight

Ease of Use


Open-source projects and clusters are easy to spin up quickly without the need to install hardware or manage infrastructure

Reduce Costs


Big data clusters reduce costs through autoscaling and pricing tiers that allow you to pay for only what you use

Enhanced Security


Enterprise-grade security and industry-leading compliance with more than 30 certifications helps protect your data

Scale with Ease


Optimized components for open-source technologies such as Hadoop and Spark keep you up to date

Whether your goal is to integrate and optimize big data in hybrid environments, transition from on-premises solutions to Azure, or harness the power of Azure HDInsight for big data processing, our skilled team is here to guide you. Leveraging Azure HDInsight, we can help you manage and analyze vast amounts of data efficiently, facilitating seamless migrations and optimizations that align with your business objectives. Our expertise in Azure HDInsight ensures that you can fully exploit its capabilities for your big data needs, ensuring a smooth and effective data strategy transition.


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Get serverless real-time analytics, from the cloud to the edge
with Azure Stream Analytics

Ready in Minutes


End-to-end analytics pipeline that is production-ready in minutes with the no-code editor or familiar SQL syntax and extensible with JavaScript and C# custom code

Improved Scalability


Rapid scalability with elastic capacity to build robust streaming data pipelines and analyze millions of events at subsecond latencies

Hybrid Processing


Hybrid architectures for stream processing with the ability to run the same queries in the cloud and on the edge

Ready to use ML


Enterprise-grade reliability with built-in recovery and built-in machine learning capabilities for advanced scenarios

If your goal is to refine real-time data analytics capabilities, migrate your on-premises data solutions to the cloud, or fully leverage Azure Stream Analytics for live data insights, our expert team is here to support you. Through Azure Stream Analytics, we offer the expertise to facilitate real-time data processing and analysis, enabling you to make informed decisions rapidly and aligning your data strategy with your organizational objectives. Our proficiency in Azure Stream Analytics ensures you maximize its potential for real-time analytics, streamlining your transition to a more responsive and data-driven business model.


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Our Big Data Process

Initial Assessment and Strategy Planning


Our consultants assesses your company's data infrastructure, analytics needs, and business objectives to tailor a strategy aligning with your company's goals. They identify data sources and workflows best suited for Azure HDInsight and Azure Stream Analytics.

Implementation and Configuration


Our team will create a detailed implementation plan. Ensuring seamless integration with existing systems will establish a unified data platform. Training for your company's team on effective use and management of Azure services ensures independent maintenance and scalability of new data solutions over time.

Optimization and Continuous Improvement


Our team will optimize your Azure solutions, refine the system for your evolving business needs, and introduce advanced analytics for enhanced data insights.

Partner with CloudServus for Your Azure Journey


Elevate your big data analytics and management with our expertise in Azure HDInsight and Azure Stream Analytics. Embark on your digital transformation journey with us as we refine your data strategies using Azure's powerful big data and real-time analytics solutions. Reach out today to explore how we can help you progress with Azure HDInsight and Azure Stream Analytics, advancing your position in the Azure ecosystem.

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