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Data & Artificial Intelligence


Maximize the value of your data and reduce costs with an integrated data and AI platform.


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Do More with Less Using a Seamless Data Solution

Transition away from the expense and intricacy of standalone solutions by embracing a consolidated data and AI platform. Quickly adapt, integrate intelligent features into your apps, produce proactive insights, and manage all your data—regardless of its location.

Enhancing Data and AI Capabilities Through Unified Platform and Governance

Data Modernization Assessment


Our specialized Data Modernization Assessment dives deep into your existing data and analytics platforms to identify hidden gaps in data performance and security.

After a comprehensive review of your current data landscape, we provide a tailored assessment report that outlines avenues for data modernization and optimization. Leveraging these insights, you can fortify your data environment, making it more scalable, reliable, and secure for the future.

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AI Assessment


Our newly created AI Assessment rigorously examines your existing data and AI infrastructure to uncover concealed shortcomings in AI performance and security.

Following a thorough evaluation of your current AI landscape, we deliver a customized assessment report that identifies opportunities for AI modernization and optimization. By applying these insights, you can bolster your AI environment, ensuring it is scalable, reliable, and secure for the challenges ahead.

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Data Analytics with Power BI & Microsoft Fabric


Unlock smarter decision-making with our Data Analytics solutions, harnessing Power BI and Microsoft Fabric. From interactive dashboards in Power BI to advanced analytics in Azure Synapse, we transform raw data into actionable insights, aligning with your business goals.

Our team crafts scalable, secure analytics architectures using Microsoft's robust technology stack. Whether you need real-time dashboards or large-scale data warehousing, our tailored solutions simplify your data landscape and accelerate growth.

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Data Platform Services with Azure


Elevate your data management with Azure's Data Platform Services, a comprehensive suite designed for flexibility, security, and high performance. From robust storage solutions like Azure Blob and SQL Database to powerful data processing engines such as Azure HDInsight, we help you build an agile data architecture aligned with your business objectives.

Our team specializes in scalable, secure solutions, freeing you to focus on actionable insights. Whether you're new to the cloud or optimizing existing setups, our services ensure your data strategy is future-proof and efficient.

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data platform services

Data Integration with Azure Synapse & Azure Data Factory


Elevate your data workflow with Azure's premier integration solutions—Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Data Factory. Synapse simplifies complex analytics with real-time insights, while Data Factory streamlines data movement across various platforms. Together, they transform your data into actionable intelligence, synced with your business objectives.

Our expert team tailors these Azure services to your needs, ensuring seamless data integration, analytics, and storage. Whether you're aiming for improved real-time analytics or efficient data pipelines, our solutions are both robust and scalable, aligning with your future growth.

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data integration

Big Data with Azure Hadoop & Azure Stream


As your organization navigates the complexities of big data, traditional data processing solutions often fall short. Embrace the power of Azure HDInsight for Hadoop-based analytics and Azure Stream Analytics for real-time insights. These Azure services handle the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on extracting valuable insights from your data, whether it's batch or streaming.

Our experts at CloudServus specialize in configuring and optimizing these Azure big data services to meet your specific needs. With our assistance, you'll gain the agility to adapt to market demands, efficiently process large data sets, and trigger real-time actions based on data patterns, all while ensuring your data remains secure and compliant.

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AI Machine Learning with Microsoft Fabric


Stepping into the future means adopting AI, and Microsoft Fabric is your comprehensive platform for it. This unified, AI-driven solution centralizes your varied data sources and allows your team to create powerful AI models without the hassles of data movement. Streamlining data engineering and data science on one platform has never been so efficient.

At CloudServus, we're experts in leveraging Microsoft Fabric's capabilities to meet your unique business needs. From advanced AI model management to data governance, our team ensures that your organization achieves both control and innovation. Let us guide you through the future of AI with Microsoft Fabric.

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Are you ready to do more with less using a seamless data and AI solution?


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