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Data Modernization Assessment


CloudServus can help you transition from legacy data technologies to cloud-based solutions and keep pace with the latest technology stack.


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Eliminate roadblocks to business agility and innovation, meet the demands of a digital business, and reduce costs in the cloud.



Our CloudServus Data Modernization Assessment exposes strategic opportunities for application modernization and orchestrates a customized approach that minimizes business interruption.

Wherever your organization happens to be in its cloud journey, our services can ensure your path to transforming your legacy applications is efficient and low-risk.

CloudServus Data Modernization Assessment Process


Our Data Modernization Assessment (DMA) is a systematic process to evaluate and upgrade an organization's data landscape. The insights gained from this assessment can guide your organizations in making informed decisions about your data modernization journey, ensuring alignment with your business goals and maximizing the value derived from your data assets.

Discovery & Analysis

  • Gather information about the current data environment, including systems, tools, and technologies.
  • Understand business goals and challenges related to data.
  • Catalog and classify all data sources.
  • Evaluate existing data architecture, quality, governance, and security measures.
  • Analyze the current technology stack and identify outdated tools or technologies.

Gap Identification & Recommendations

  • Compare the current state with best practices and desired outcomes.
  • Identify gaps, inefficiencies, and areas of improvement.
  • Provide recommendations for modernizing the data landscape, including technology adoption, process enhancements, and governance improvements.
  • Develop a phased roadmap for the modernization journey and conduct a cost-benefit analysis.

Stakeholder Engagement & Planning

  • Present findings, recommendations, and the roadmap to key stakeholders and gather feedback.
  • Finalize the assessment results and generate a comprehensive report.
  • Plan the implementation of the recommended changes, including project planning and resource allocation.

Our Data Modernization Assessment is Your Outcome-Based Execution Roadmap to Accelerating Business Value


Your completed Data Modernization Assessment delivers trusted guidance for meaningful modernization that demonstrates enhanced ROI and digital experiences.

action plan

Deploy an actionable plan

Leverage a practical roadmap for legacy enterprise application modernization that incorporates the roles of stakeholders, technical leads, end-users, and customers for instant cloud benefits.

roadmap icon

Comprehensive Roadmap

Receive application modernization recommendations from our highly experienced CloudServus team, including priorities, steps, change management, and implementation timeline.

secure cloud

Robust security

Complement your Data Modernization Assessment with a separate CloudServus Cloud Security Assessment that evaluates your Microsoft Azure environment to strengthen security and reliability for a more robust cloud ecosystem.  

Is a Data Modernization Assessment Right for You?


Understand the costs, risks, and which type of data modernization patterns and technologies are best suited for your environment.

A Data Modernization Assessment provides a business case for app migration (or upgrades) based on your current application portfolio and a deep understanding of your organization’s legacy systems.


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