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Azure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure


CloudServus can help you deliver a unified employee experience and leverage flexible workplace tools to support hybrid and remote work models via Cloud Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).


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Preparing your infrastructure to support remote and hybrid remote work models and the associated digital dependency can be challenging.

Our Azure Virtual Desktop Service
 offers complete guidance to optimize Azure Virtual Desktop implementation and deployment - including helping your organization determine if this cloud VDI solution is the best fit for your unique business requirements, and remote or hybrid work model.

Our service can eliminate the complexity of setting up and managing your cloud VDI solution and server infrastructure while minimizing disruption. Whatever your organization’s size and business goals, we ensure you can successfully utilize the security, performance, agility, and scalability of Azure Virtual Desktop.


CloudServus Azure Virtual Desktop Service


Our CloudServus Azure Virtual Desktop Service offers a strategic approach to integrating Azure Virtual Desktop into your existing technology stack.

Infrastructure & Systems Audit


We perform a comprehensive audit of your infrastructure and systems, including evaluating your current virtual and physical desktop environments, to help your organization prepare for your Azure Virtual Desktop configuration and deployment.

Evaluate Cost Savings Opportunities


Maximize potential cost savings associated with Microsoft licensing and your Azure subscription. Ensure your organization is leveraging current eligible licenses to optimize the costs offered by cloud VDI.

Manage Cloud VDI Security Responsibilities


Our team ensures your infrastructure and environment are adapted to meet the required security responsibilities for your cloud VDI solution. This includes application security, network controls, user machines and devices, session host operating system, and deployment configuration.

CloudServus Azure Virtual Desktop Service is Your Key to Supporting Digital Workspaces and Jump-Starting Your Future of Work Journey.


CloudServus’ Azure Virtual Desktop Service provides efficient guidance to help your organization accelerate time-to-value from your cloud VDI deployment.

Consistent Employee Experience


Expedite Azure Virtual Desktop deployment and provide a reliable, secure user experience across any device and personalized accessibility per the individual employee’s role and department. 

Support Key Cloud VDI Use Cases


Establish the infrastructure and complete desktop experience to support key cloud VDI use cases, including remote work, hybrid work, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, offshore and field work, third-party access for business partners, and Dev/Test scenarios. 

Savings Opportunities


Complement your Azure Virtual Desktop Service with a separate CloudServus Azure Cost Assessment that delivers rich insights into cloud costs and identifies cost savings opportunities. 

Is Azure Virtual Desktop Right for You?


Understand the service architecture, software requirements, costs and prerequisites for effective Azure Virtual Desktop provisioning.

Talk with CloudServus’ Azure Virtual Desktop consultants to empower your talent and amplify your investments.


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