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Subscription & Cost Management


Monitor, allocate, and optimize the cost of your Microsoft Cloud workloads.


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Reliable Microsoft Cloud Cost Tools

As the linchpin for effective financial management in the cloud, Microsoft Cost Management and Billing aren't just add-ons—they're essentials. We offer a comprehensive suite of tools to monitor, allocate, and optimize your Microsoft Cloud costs, ensuring that your financial operations are as streamlined and reliable as your cloud services. Tailored to your organizational needs, our solutions offer you full control over your expenditures, from detailed reporting to proactive alerts

Empowering Your Financial Oversight with Tailored Microsoft Cost Management and Billing Solutions

Microsoft Licensing Assessment


Our focused Microsoft Licensing Assessment dives into your existing Microsoft subscription and licensing landscape to uncover hidden inefficiencies and potential cost overruns.

After thoroughly reviewing your current Microsoft licensing setup, we deliver a detailed assessment report that pinpoints areas for cost reduction and optimization. Utilizing these insights, you can streamline your Microsoft licensing strategy, ensuring it remains financially sustainable, compliant, and aligned with your organizational needs—both now and in the future.

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MS Licensing

Azure Cost Optimization Assessment


Our extensive Azure Cost Optimization Assessment rigorously examines your existing Azure cloud expenditure to reveal unnoticed financial drains and inefficient resource usage.

After carefully evaluating your current Azure cost structure, we furnish a comprehensive assessment report that identifies areas for financial improvement and resource optimization. Leveraging these insights, you can refine your Azure spending, ensuring it remains efficient, manageable, and aligned with your business goals—both now and in the future.

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Licensing Optimization Workshop


Your organization is expanding, and navigating the complexities of Microsoft licensing manually is no longer feasible. Enter our Microsoft Licensing Optimization Workshop — the strategic intervention your team needs to embrace.

At CloudServus, our Microsoft Licensing experts are adept at transforming convoluted licensing agreements into streamlined, cost-effective solutions. We empower your team to manage licenses with the same precision as your core business operations. Our methodical planning and execution ensure that your Microsoft licensing strategy is both financially sustainable and agile, perfectly aligning with your organizational goals.

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Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)


Utilizing our expertise as a Cloud Solution Provider, we steer your organization towards optimizing and managing your varied cloud assets with the robust capabilities of Microsoft's cloud services. As a top Microsoft Solutions Partner, CloudServus adds an extra layer of assurance and expertise to your cloud management strategy.

Our specialized offerings focus on efficient license utilization, meticulous cost management, and streamlined governance across your entire Microsoft cloud ecosystem. By adopting our best-practice approaches, you not only bring coherence to your multifaceted cloud landscape but also achieve operational efficiencies that can significantly reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to traditional cloud management systems.

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Your Own Self Service Portal


Your organization is scaling, and manual license management is becoming a bottleneck. Enter our Self-Service Portal

As a top 1% Microsoft Solutions Partner, CloudServus streamlines your Microsoft 365 and Azure management. Our portal allows real-time license tracking, Azure spend analysis, and instant support ticket submission. This autonomy speeds up your operations, reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO) and aligning seamlessly with your growth objectives.

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Self Service Portal

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