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Azure DevOps


Azure DevOps practices will help keep your organization at the forefront, cutting the time it takes to develop the apps that deliver value to your organization and users.


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What is Azure DevOps?
Accelerate Your Development and Deployment



Change is inevitable, and the ability to respond quickly is critical to the success of many organizations. However, developing and deploying new applications at the speed required, with the skills and resources available in-house, can be challenging. That's where CloudServus and Azure DevOps come in.

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Innovate More Quickly

Azure DevOps help you stay on top of development backlogs and create the services that your data shows are needed. You’ll be able to make apps available to users more quickly, without the need for mobilizing a project team or outsourcing the work.

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Custom Roadmap for You

Microsoft offers a host of Azure DevOps services and extensions to help your teams plan, collaborate and deploy more smoothly and quickly. We’ll help you decide on the toolkit that suits your needs best.

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Draw on our Azure Expertise

As a top 1% Microsoft Solutions Partner, CloudServus gives you the deepest knowledge of Azure’s capabilities, as well as app development expertise across all of Microsoft’s cloud platforms.

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Azure DevOps Services


We can help you assess how Microsoft's Azure DevOps services fit your unique needs, demonstrate the value they can add to your development process, and get you up and running with your Azure DevOps pipeline.

Azure Boards


Simplify your agile planning with tools including Kanban boards and interactive backlogs.

Azure Pipelines


On-premises or in any cloud, you can build and test apps easily across any platform and run parallel across multiple operating systems.

Azure Repos


Take advantage of unlimited free repositories, hosted in Git and supported by code reviews.

Azure Test Plans


Check the quality of code with manual and exploratory testing tools.

Azure Artifacts


Simplify package sharing into your Azure DevOps pipeline from public and private sources.

Azure Extensions


Explore the Extensions Marketplace for additional services to supplement your CI/CD toolkit.

Empower Your Modern Application Delivery with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Containers have become the go-to solution for modern application development, offering developers the ability to package, ship, replicate, scale, and integrate applications with ease.

With containers, you can create self-contained environments that run a specific piece of code, allowing you to distribute and deploy software consistently across your organization. 

Talk to us about Azure containerization
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Your Trusted Partner in Modern Application Development

Our expertise in Azure DevOps can help you transform how your teams work, making innovation a seamless part of your everyday development process.

Whether you need assistance with setting up and managing Azure DevOps practices, or require bespoke work on cloud-native Azure app development, our team of experts can provide tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.


Partner with CloudServus for Your Azure DevOps Journey


With CloudServus as your Azure DevOps partner, you can rely on our expertise, experience, and commitment to deliver the best-in-class Azure services. Let us help you accelerate your digital transformation with Azure DevOps and unlock the full potential of cloud-native application development. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and explore how we can support your organization's Azure journey.

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