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Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure


Build, monitor, and manage your critical infrastructure using trusted Microsoft cloud technology.


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Reduce Costs with Cloud Infrastructure

As the foundation for almost every kind of digital operation, a reliable Microsoft cloud infrastructure is more than just a commodity—it's a necessity. We tailor cloud solutions that are scalable, reliable, and aligned with your specific needs.

Empowering Your Digital Operations with Tailored, Reliable Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Cloud Infrastructure Assessment


Our specialized Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure Assessment digs deep into your existing Microsoft cloud environment to identify hidden vulnerabilities and performance gaps.

After meticulously evaluating your current Microsoft cloud architecture, we provide a comprehensive assessment report that outlines areas for improvement and optimization. Leveraging these insights, you can fortify your Microsoft cloud infrastructure, ensuring it remains scalable, reliable, and secure—both now and in the future.

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Azure Tenant Mergers & Migrations


Your business is evolving, and so must your cloud infrastructure. When it's time to merge or migrate Azure Tenants, know that it's not just a matter of drag-and-drop.

Our Azure Tenant Mergers & Migrations experts employ state-of-the-art tools and methodologies to ensure a smooth transition. We focus on governance, compliance, and data integrity throughout the migration process. Our specialized approach safeguards your digital assets while enabling organizational synergy.

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Infrastructure as Code with Azure Bicep/ARM


Your enterprise is growing, and manual infrastructure management just won't scale. Enter Infrastructure as Code (IaC) — a paradigm shift that your organization needs to embrace.

At CloudServus, our Azure Bicep/ARM experts are masters of transforming complex cloud architectures into reusable, maintainable code. We enable your team to control infrastructure with the same rigor as software development. Our meticulous planning and execution ensure that your IaC is both resilient and agile, perfectly aligning with your business objectives.

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Azure Everywhere with Azure Arc


Leveraging the capabilities of Azure Everywhere with Azure Arc, we guide your organization in unifying and governing your disparate computing resources with the power of Microsoft's cloud services.

Our specialized solutions concentrate on consistent policy enforcement, streamlined resource management, and simplified governance across on-premises, edge, and multi-cloud environments. By adopting our methodology, you not only bring harmony to your complex IT landscape but also realize operational efficiencies that can reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by as much as 40% compared to conventional management systems.

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Containerization with Azure Kubernetes Service


Utilizing Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), we enable your organization to transition to containerized applications with ease and agility. Our tailored solutions emphasize automated deployment, seamless scaling, and high availability, all managed within Microsoft's secure cloud ecosystem.

By partnering with us, you can rapidly modernize your application architecture while reducing operational overhead. Achieve cost savings of up to 45% when compared to traditional container management solutions.

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For the past four years, we’ve gone through three or four separate IT vendors. Until I met CloudServus, I couldn’t find anyone or any IT group that really knew how to manage our cloud transformation into Azure Active Directory and make it work.
Steve Davidson
Chief Financial Officer, RTG
CloudServus stood out for its transparency, technical competence, and “genuine care” for its customers.
Vik Bhakta
Director of Information Technology, Hayes Locums
I’ve never worked with a team as exceptional as CloudServus. I love the fact that they met with me once a week consistently. I feel like CloudServus is very turnkey, a very well-rounded project team that executed the job similarly to how we systematically work through new roadway designs. I appreciate that.
Steve Davidson
Chief Financial Officer, RTG

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