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Microsoft Licensing Assessment


CloudServus can help you optimize your Microsoft Office 365 licensing and achieve the right balance between software usage and cost-containment.


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Eliminate wasted spend associated with complex Microsoft licensing.


Struggling to make sense of the numerous - and constantly changing - Microsoft licensing options, plans and models to better control subscription costs? 

Microsoft licensing is frequently one of the most expensive line-items in an IT budget. CloudServus consultants leverage a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft licensing to  ensure your Microsoft subscription aligns with your business needs and objectives, identify opportunities for improvement, and improve the impact of your licensing across your Microsoft environment.  

Maximize the Value of Your Microsoft Licensing Investments

Optimize user profiles


Ensure the appropriate Microsoft licenses are in place for each user and mitigate under or over-licensing via analysis and modification of user licensing configurations.

Deduplicate licenses


Eliminate Microsoft licensing redundancies and avoid paying for the same license multiple times with a thorough license inventory and appropriate documentation of licensing agreements.

Harvest unused licenses


Reclaim and repurpose unused O365 licenses, improve license allocation and better prepare for future licensing requirements through a license usage audit that delivers deeper visibility into O365 usage.

Leverage group-based licensing


Simplify license management and benefit from greater flexibility and scalability in dynamic business environments with Azure AD group-based licensing.

Choose the right licensing program


Take advantage of Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience (NCE) and purchase or renew your licenses through a Triple-Gold Microsoft Partner and leading CSP to ensure your organization is in the appropriate licensing program.

Stay compliant


Demonstrate Microsoft licensing compliance and maintain a strong audit readiness posture by understanding Microsoft product terms and license entitlements.

At CloudServus, we’re dedicated to delivering clear, actionable answers regarding your current licensing approach. Our Microsoft Licensing Assessment Service is designed to transform common licensing challenges into prospects for growth, cost savings, and enhanced productivity.

Our team is here with the trusted expertise and support needed to help you unlock the full potential of your Microsoft licensing.

Microsoft Licensing Assessment Services from a Top-Tier CSP Partner


Economical Microsoft licensing isn’t about simply settling on the cheapest options - it’s about making thoughtful decisions, strategic alignment with enterprise goals, and optimizing software usage.

Licensing Evaluation & Analysis


We’ll conduct a meticulous evaluation of your existing licensing agreements and analyze license entitlements, usage patterns, and deployment strategies - including license allocations across different user groups, devices and applications to gain a comprehensive understanding of your Microsoft licensing landscape.

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Optimization Strategy


Our consultants will develop a custom Microsoft licensing optimization strategy based on our identification of key opportunities to consolidate licenses, streamline deployments, and align licensing models with your specific requirements. We’ll guide you in selecting the most cost-effective licensing options and recommend adjustments to establish efficient license allocation.

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Cost Reduction & Savings


We’ll assist you in reducing licensing costs without compromising productivity through our up-to-date knowledge of Microsoft licensing product terms and volume licensing programs. By intentionally optimizing license utilization, exploring suitable subscription models, and selecting favorable terms, we can maximize your cost savings.

cost reduction

Future-Proofing & Strategic Roadmap


We’ll help you develop a future-proof Microsoft licensing roadmap consistent with your organization’s technology plans and business objectives. By understanding your long-term goals, growth strategies, and anticipated technology advancements, you’ll be equipped to proactively plan for future licensing needs and remain aligned with any upcoming changes and innovations to Microsoft’s licensing ecosystem.


Ongoing Support & Consultation


Our team is always available to answer your questions, provide ongoing guidance, and assist with license renewals and upgrades. As Microsoft’s licensing landscape evolves, we’ll keep you informed about updates, changes and opportunities that may impact your licensing strategy so we can remain your trusted partner throughout your licensing journey.

ongoing support

Don’t Let Microsoft Licensing Strain Your IT Budget


Microsoft licensing is a significant investment and challenge for any organization.

Shifting software demands. Unexplored bundles. Shared mailboxes. Unused features. Duplicate licenses. Outdated license records.

With CloudServus’ Microsoft Licensing Assessment, you can resolve the challenges of managing subscription costs and transform your licensing landscape

Start your Microsoft Licensing Optimization Journey