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Data Platform Services with Azure


Experts in implementing Azure Data Platform Services to help streamline data workflows in your business


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Data Management, Analytics, and Intelligent Cloud Solutions within a Unified Data Platform Service


Modernize your data infrastructure by leveraging Azure's comprehensive suite of Data Platform Services.

Our CloudServus experts are highly-trained to assist you in maximizing the capabilities of Azure Data Services. Whether it's through Azure SQL Database, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Databricks, Azure HDInsight, Azure Data Factory, or Azure Stream Analytics, we possess deep expertise in deploying and optimizing these cutting-edge data technologies from Microsoft. Our team is adept at tailoring these services to meet your specific data processing, storage, management, and analytics needs, ensuring you fully harness the power of Azure's data platform.



What problems does Azure Data Platform solve?

Data Silos


Multiple data sources spread across the organization makes it difficult to find and share data.

Data Explosion


Unable to process and derive insights from the huge volume, variety and velocity of incoming data.

AI/ML Adoption


Missed business opportunities due to slow adoption of AI/ML and real time analytics.

Whether you're looking to integrate and optimize your data across hybrid environments, migrate from on-premises data solutions to Azure, or take the next step with Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Data Lake Storage, our experienced, capable team can assist.


Let's Connect

Data Platform Services with Azure


A comprehensive set of solutions from Microsoft Azure that turn data into actionable insights.



Our process



Identify quick start use cases and align IT and business objectives. Build and deploy quick start use cases and validate their benefits. Create a roadmap for next steps.

Impact & Acceleration


Iron out more use cases and scenarios. Gather requirements, milestones, budgets, and timeline. Align people, process and technology. 

Value Creation


Enhance platform with more data sources and use cases with ongoing dashboard maintenance and data quality monitoring.

Partner with CloudServus for Your Azure Journey


Partner with CloudServus to enhance your data management and analytics capabilities with our Azure Data Platform expertise. Let us guide you through your digital transformation journey, optimizing your data strategies. Contact us today to discuss your data requirements and advance in the Azure ecosystem.

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