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Microsoft Identity & Cloud Security


New threats require a new approach to the way organizations manage their identities and cloud security.


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Security is Critical for your Business

If a malicious actor hacks your user account – or the user accounts of your employees – they’ll be able to gain access to just about anything they want. Protecting your identity comes down to understanding where identities are located, how they’re encrypted, and who’s accessing them.

Safeguard your People, Data, and Infrastructure

Cloud Security Assessment


Our proprietary Cloud Security Assessment process takes a close look at your existing security frameworks to root out possible areas of exposure.

After analyzing your current cloud computing architecture for unobserved weaknesses, we’ll compile an assessment report highlighting areas of opportunity for your security program. Building a strong security practice off of these recommendations will protect your systems now and into the future.

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new Cloud Security Assessment

Microsoft Zero Trust Security Framework


Your organization has embraced the digital age. Now, it's time to ensure every access request is secure and verified.

At CloudServus, our Microsoft Identity and Security Experts will scrutinize every interaction, from user authentication to application access. Operating on the "never trust, always verify" principle, we'll identify vulnerabilities and fortify them before they become a potential breach point.

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Threat Detection with Microsoft Security Copilot


Microsoft is leading the AI revolution with the introduction of Microsoft 365 Copilot, a game-changing AI-powered assistant designed to enhance your work experience.

Our Microsoft Solutions Experts are here to guide you through this innovative journey. Microsoft 365 Copilot is not just a feature; it's an integrated part of the Microsoft 365 apps, offering AI-powered assistance across Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams. Built on Microsoft's trusted approach to security and privacy, it ensures enterprise-grade protection for your data.

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Security Monitoring with Microsoft Sentinel


Using the Microsoft Sentinel platform, we'll assist your team in establishing a next-generation security operations center (SOC) powered by cloud and AI.

Our expert solutions focus on proactive threat detection, in-depth investigation, and decisive response, all while eliminating the need for security infrastructure setup and maintenance. With our approach, you can scale seamlessly to address your security demands and cut costs by up to 48% compared to traditional SIEM systems.

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Real-time Cloud Protection with Microsoft Defender


Using the Microsoft Defender suite, we're committed to safeguarding all users, from individual households to global enterprises, against malicious cyber threats.

For large-scale enterprises, our solutions encompass comprehensive protection across devices, identities, applications, emails, data, workloads, and cloud environments. For small-to-medium businesses, we offer robust endpoint protection that's both cost-effective and user-friendly. And for individuals, our streamlined app ensures the safety of your personal data and devices, providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

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Risk Management with Microsoft Purview


With Microsoft Purview, we empower organizations to have a clear understanding and control over their data, fostering innovation while ensuring security.

Navigating and governing sensitive information has never been more challenging, but with Purview, you gain unparalleled visibility into your data assets, regardless of their location. We ensure the protection of sensitive data across all apps, clouds, and devices, even outside Microsoft ecosystems. Moreover, our tools help pinpoint data risks and streamline regulatory requirements, ensuring your organization remains compliant.

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Identity & Access Management with Microsoft Entra


With Microsoft Entra, we offer a holistic solution to ensure secure access in our interconnected world. Our suite provides a unified platform for both identity and network access, making digital protection straightforward.

Our approach prioritizes the principle of least privilege access. Moreover, Microsoft Entra enhances the user experience by minimizing IT complexities, offering features like single sign-on, user self-management, and automated workflows, ensuring a smooth experience for your hybrid workforce.

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For the past four years, we’ve gone through three or four separate IT vendors. Until I met CloudServus, I couldn’t find anyone or any IT group that really knew how to manage our cloud transformation into Azure Active Directory and make it work.
Steve Davidson
Chief Financial Officer, RTG
CloudServus stood out for its transparency, technical competence, and “genuine care” for its customers.
Vik Bhakta
Director of Information Technology, Hayes Locums
I’ve never worked with a team as exceptional as CloudServus. I love the fact that they met with me once a week consistently. I feel like CloudServus is very turnkey, a very well-rounded project team that executed the job similarly to how we systematically work through new roadway designs. I appreciate that.
Steve Davidson
Chief Financial Officer, RTG

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