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Expert License Consulting with a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider


Simplify your licensing structure, reduce your costs, and gain access to proactive partner support with CloudServus, a Gold-Certified Microsoft CSP partner.


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Would a second set of eyes on your Microsoft licensing – one that can give you recommendations on how to simplify your SKUs and save money at the same time – be helpful?

Microsoft offers some of the world's most advanced technology solutions, but there's a lot that can go wrong when licensing Microsoft products. Maybe you're using one SKU when you should be using another – or maybe the SKU you should be using is one you've never heard of.

Whatever the case may be, an expert Microsoft CSP like CloudServus makes it possible to take charge of your out-of-control licensing.


Our Microsoft Certifications

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Your Options for Microsoft Licensing


Many organizations purchase their licensing directly through Microsoft, not realizing that other options exist. However, Microsoft offers a number of avenues for licensing its products:

Direct Licensing


If you purchase licenses directly from Microsoft, you’re paying retail rates – often the highest rates out there. You’ll also pay extra for Premier Support (basic support tickets are included) and will have to navigate Microsoft’s complex billing and invoicing practices to understand what you’re being billed for.

Cloud Solutions Providers (CSP)


A Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider like CloudServus can answer your questions and offer practical guidance on the Microsoft ecosystem. Even better, they may be able to save you money by optimizing your existing approach to licensing or accessing additional discounts over traditional retail or Enterprise Agreement pricing.

Enterprise Agreements


Though Microsoft’s Enterprise Agreements were previously the tech giant’s deepest discounted purchasing vehicle, they may no longer be cost-effective for many organizations. They can also be restrictive and require three-year commitments and upfront/annual billing.

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program


We’re improving our clients’ licensing experience through a CSP program that’s purpose-built for support and simplicity. Here’s what you can expect:

Flexible Licensing



Monthly Term and Annual Term commitments available.  Work with a trusted partner to optimize your purchasing strategy and maintain flexibility.

Dedicated Technical



Partner-led technical support with industry-leading SLAs. Issue escalation through Partner Premier Support, included at no additional cost to you.

Simplified Billing



Streamlined and simplified billing experience through your partner.  No more invoice confusion and chaos.

Licensing & Subscription Guidance


Our licensing strategists are here to share program, licensing, and product knowledge to help you optimize your spend and cut down costs.

Proactive Partner



Proactive, partner-led support, updates, and recommendations. Regular Business Reviews ensure your licensing strategy is optimized for your needs.

Complete Microsoft



Over 10,000 SKUs. Productivity (Office 365), Platform (Azure), and Business Apps (Dynamics) all available through CSP.

Choosing the Right Microsoft CSP Partner


Whether you’re already working with a CSP partner or you’re new to the program, be aware that not all CSPs are created equally.

At a minimum, you should expect to receive all of the following from your CSP partner:

  • Great insight into maximizing your current licensing
  • Access to cost-saving opportunities (such as Microsoft Azure's Reserved Instances)
  • Proactive guidance, content, and support
  • Easy to use and navigate self-service licensing portal
  • Simplified billing experience
  • Fast and accurate CSP Help Desk
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Microsoft Licensing Assessment


As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering excellence as a CSP partner, CloudServus offers clients Microsoft licensing assessments and periodic reviews that ensure you’re maximizing your Microsoft 365 or Azure licensing.

Through our Microsoft Licensing Assessment, we take a look under the hood at your company, analyzing your programs, SKUs and pricing to make sure you're in the right place across the board.

If you have any doubts that your current licensing approach is the right fit for your organization, a licensing assessment will give you clear, actionable answers.

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