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Unlock Savings: Mastering Microsoft Licensing Costs

In today’s digital landscape, Microsoft products have become an important part of businesses around the world. Office 365, for example, is leveraged by over 1 million companies worldwide, with around 146,000 in the U.S. alone. Also, nearly 56% of businesses worldwide rely on Microsoft Azure for cloud services. 

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everything you need to know about azure devops

Your Complete Guide to Azure DevOps

 The developer experience is now recognized as a vital factor in software delivery; 58% of software engineering leaders indicate that it’s very or extremely critical to their organization’s C-suite. This isn’t simply...

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Everything You Need to Know About Zero Trust

Organizations today face a wide range of cybersecurity challenges that leave them vulnerable to complex risk; the rapidly evolving and sophisticated nature of cyber threats, the increasing complexity of IT environments,...

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microsoft enterprise licensing agreement

Why Switching from EA to NCE is a Smart Move

Back in October 2018, Microsoft announced the removal of programmatic volume discounts for Enterprise Agreement (EA) customers with less than 2,400 seats. The objective was to ensure consistent pricing across all...

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azure cdn front door updates

Important Changes Coming Soon to Azure CDN Standard from Akamai

If you’re using Microsoft Azure for your Content Delivery Network (CDN), then keep reading.  On October 31, Azure CDN Standard from Akamai will be retired per a recent Microsoft announcement. 

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Azure web apps disaster recovery updates

Ensuring Business Continuity: Azure App Service Web Apps Disaster Recovery Updates by March 31, 2025

Microsoft recently announced a critical change to Azure App Service web applications; as of March 31, 2025, it will cease all disaster recovery mode actions should a disaster occur in an Azure region. Read the full...

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why should your company use a Microsoft consultant

Why Your Company Should Use a Microsoft Consultant

Today, businesses face new challenges amidst economic uncertainty, changing market conditions and new consumer and employee expectations. This is compounding existing pressures to accelerate technological adoption to...

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save money as a cio

How to Reduce Costs as a CIO in 2023

The role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is adapting in the post-COVID era. As technology continues to rapidly evolve, the role of the CIO has become increasingly complex. 

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CloudServus Employee Spotlights Presents: David Vanderslice

CloudServus proudly announces the addition of David Vanderslice, a world-class talent, to our team.

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microsoft security updates march 2023

Microsoft Security Defaults Updates

3 years ago, we released information about Azure and Microsoft 365 Security to help Microsoft customers and the technology community learn about Microsoft Security Defaults.

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Microsoft Intune Updates march 2023

Microsoft’s Intune Suite Updates March 2023

Let’s face it. The workplace is a lot different than it used to be. There are a growing number of devices alongside an evolution of hybrid-remote work environments. Workplaces are becoming more diverse and distributed. ...

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sql server 2012 end of life support

Preparing for Windows Server 2012 R2 and SQL End-of-Support

End-of support (EOS) for Microsoft’s SQL Server 2012 was enacted on July 12, 2022, and a recent announcement indicates Windows Server 2012/R2 will follow suit on October 12, 2023.

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inc regional fastest growing companies list

CloudServus, the 12th Fastest Growing Private Company in the Southwest

CloudServus LLC, a Top 1% Microsoft consultancy, is honored to be acknowledged by Inc. Magazine as one of the country’s fastest growing private companies.

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Here's the Scoop on the Recent Microsoft Updates

Microsoft products and the associated licensing t's and c's are constantly changing, and CloudServus wants to keep you up to date on changes that may affect your organization. In this blog we’ll break down Microsoft’s...

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Everything to Know About Cloud VDI and Azure Virtual Desktop

By now, most of us have experienced some form of remote work, whether it was during the height of the pandemic or now in the midst of the hybrid work renaissance. Though economic uncertainty has prompted some...

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