Azure Cost Optimization

Control Wasted Spend and Maximize Value.

CloudServus can help you deliver significant value for your cloud technologies by managing the complexities of cloud infrastructures.

Weigh the value of cloud technologies bringing transparency into cloud spend, maximizing cloud utilization, and mitigating inefficiencies.

Fully utilize Microsoft Cost Management and tools included with Microsoft Azure Subscriptions.

Our CloudServus
Azure Cost Optimization Assessment is designed to analyze your cloud environment to uncover areas of opportunity for substantial cloud savings. This includes bringing visibility into the impacts of cloud technologies, identifying unanticipated cloud costs, and monitoring the impacts of cloud infrastructures.

CloudServus Azure Cost Optimization Assessment Process

Our CloudServus Azure Cost Optimization Assessment will bring you deep insights into cloud costs.

Azure Architecture Assessment 

Identify areas of opportunity for cost savings across your infrastructure  including Azure architectures, applications, and workloads. 

Identify Savings Opportunities

A full transparent breakdown of all opportunities and the reasoning behind provided suggestions. Ensure that any recommended changes will not impact the performance of workloads in Azure.

Microsoft Cost Management Utilization

Take advantage of all the tools included in Microsoft Cloud and Azure subscriptions to efficiently and accurately monitor, allocate, and optimize cloud costs. 

Put the results of your Azure Cost Optimization Assessment to Work

Your completed Azure Cost Optimization Assessment will help you control and anticipate costs, enhance transparency and visibility, and plan for the future financial impacts of cloud technologies.

Cloud Management

Monitor and track costs across all cloud environments with a clear and unified dashboard to enhance budget accountability, governance, and manage Azure spending. 

Optimize Workloads

Examine your workloads and fine tune your architecture, determine best practices in cloud applications, and choose the right technology for your Azure environment. 

Post Assessment Engagement

Our work doesn't stop after our assessment. Cloudservus consultants are available to offer consistent support to help you lead and implement changes in your cloud infrastructure. 

Is an Azure Cost Optimization Assessment right for you?

Organizations need the capabilities to optimize cloud costs by monitoring spend and utilization. 

An Azure Cost Optimization Assessment helps you control the costs associated with cloud technology, avoid unanticipated cloud costs, predict what resources to use, and understand how changes in your business impact cloud costs and spend. 

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