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Ready to migrate to the cloud? Undergoing a merger or acquisition with another organization?

Our leading cloud platform and Azure data migration service ensures your data migration or merger will be properly executed, without friction.

How Can We Help?

Cloud Data Migrations

Microsoft 365 and Azure data migrations can be complicated. And if they aren’t done correctly – for instance, if you duplicate services unnecessarily – they can be costly.

Cloud Data Mergers

Whether you’re merging with another company or acquiring other environments, there are a number of steps that must be taken to properly merge cloud architectures.

Azure Data Migration Service

Preparing and moving workloads to the cloud can be an overwhelming process. Our team has been performing Azure migration services for over 10 years, and we bring those years of experience, lessons learned, and best practices to help you properly execute your cloud migration.

Assistance & Improvements

Our Cloud Architects will assess your Cloud database, guide you through any issues that may occur, and provide resources for your Cloud environment needs.

Save Money

We will calculate and present you with the most cost-effective services and products that will still provide the high-quality results you need.

Identity Management

Our cloud migration approach takes your existing identities into consideration so that you aren’t left with multiple accounts to deal with across services and platforms.

Personalized Training

Our Cloud Architects will train your staff on your new system to ensure you’re utilizing your Cloud setup to its fullest potential.

Whether your existing environments are already on the cloud or you need to merge and divest on-premises Active Directory environments (often times connected to Azure AD), our experienced, capable team can help.

Microsoft 365 Cloud Migrations

The CloudServus team can support your Microsoft 365 cloud migrations, including:

Email Migrations



Microsoft Teams

Azure Cloud Platform Migrations

If you’re using virtual machines on-premise and want to move to the cloud, CloudServus can identify the most appropriate and cost-effective migration options – whether that’s a ‘lift and shift’ or refactoring what you’re currently doing on-prem.

Why Your Cloud Migration Approach Matters

Our vast expertise within Microsoft’s ecosystem means we’re able to identify the optimal approach for your needs.

Imagine that you’re running SQL, and you’ve decided to transition this workload to the cloud.

You could ‘lift and shift’ your existing implementation to Microsoft Azure. But a far better approach would be to use Managed SQL (also known as SQL PaaS). That way, Microsoft manages your SQL server and VM, saving you the cost and labor of running both.

Cloud Planning/Optimization


Data Layer

Application Layer

Cloud Security Assessment

Cloud Data Mergers

Every merger or acquisition is unique. Will each company retain its own domain and email addresses? Are there identities that will need to be merged from one company to another?

Our experience helping organizations navigate these complex issues has led to our rigorous approach for facilitating cloud data mergers:

Step #1: Identify a Merger Strategy

We take the time to review your company’s specific circumstances in order to craft an appropriate cloud data merger plan.

Step #2: Assess Existing Resources

We assess the different resources that are attached to different identities to ensure everything will match up, post-merger.

Step #3: Executing the Merger

We execute the merger according to the plan, avoiding the kinds of pitfalls we’ve learned to watch out for in cloud data mergers.

Book Time to Connect with Our Cloud Architects:

Cloud data migrations and mergers may be once-in-a-lifetime events for your organization, but they’re everyday occurrences for the team at CloudServus.

As both Azure data migrations and mergers & acquisitions activity have increased worldwide, we’ve learned what it takes to execute these projects successfully. For expert guidance that can help you move your cloud data without unnecessary down-time or data loss, reach out to CloudServus’ cloud platform and Azure migration service: