Microsoft Cloud Security Assessment

Have you properly safeguarded your business against today's extensive security threats?

CloudServus can help you reach your ideal security posture by implementing and maximizing the Microsoft tools you may already own.

Is your cloud environment truly secure?

The cloud introduces a new frontier of flexibility and agility to modern IT.  

However, it also introduces several complex challenges when it comes to securing your environment.


Our Cloud Security Assessment is methodically designed to review your current security framework and identify areas of exposure.  This includes thoughtfully assessing and analyzing your existing cloud environment, pinpointing weaknesses that may have gone undetected, and designing a strong security management system that can continue to adapt and respond to future challenges.

CSA Executive Summary Deliverables:

Active Users and Sign-In Behavior

Data Governance And Sensitive Data Flow

Risky User and Device Behavior

Privileged user risk

Organizational Threats

Secure Score & Quick Wins

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