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Embracing the Cloud: NCSoft's Journey to Streamlined Collaboration

Embracing the Cloud: NCSoft's Journey to Streamlined Collaboration

*Updated 7/13/23*

For more than 20 years, NCSoft has been a cornerstone in the video game industry, responsible for iconic franchises like Guild Wars and Lineage. The company's structure as a global entity, however, presented some unique challenges. Today, I'd like to share how we at CloudServus assisted NCSoft in successfully transitioning to a cloud-based corporate infrastructure, streamlining their international collaboration.

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The Challenge at NCSoft

With its main operations based in Seoul, South Korea, and a significant division in the U.S., NCSoft faced a daunting challenge. Connectivity disruptions and cultural divides were affecting workflows, and the use of multiple Microsoft Teams tenants was hampering communication. Furthermore, managing a large data center was proving costly, both financially and environmentally.


NCSoft’s Vision of Cloud Integration

The objective was clear: NCSoft sought to create a fully cloud-based corporate infrastructure, mirroring their customer-facing system. The task, however, involved a tricky process of moving from a single-byte language system to a multi-byte one. As the only firm prepared to undertake this ambitious project, we at CloudServus saw this as an opportunity to help bring NCSoft's vision to life.


Our Collaboration with NCSoft

We initiated our journey with NCSoft by conducting an in-depth analysis of their technical infrastructure and company culture. This approach allowed us to design an effective migration strategy, which we executed through a detailed eight-step process. This process notably involved bridging communication between the South Korean and U.S. teams and culminated in a seamless tenant merger, all within a single weekend.


A Unified NCSoft

The transition has transformed NCSoft into a unified body under a single tenant, enhancing their ability to collaborate effectively. A Single Sign-On (SSO) system now provides convenient access for all users. The switch to the cloud has also eased pressures on security, IT, and help desk teams, while the company reaps financial benefits from volume-based licensing discounts and overhead savings. Not to mention, their carbon footprint has been significantly reduced.


Looking Forward: NCSoft’s Bright Future

Post-transition, NCSoft is better positioned than ever to deliver exceptional gaming experiences to their global audience. Their successful cloud integration embodies their commitment to streamlined collaboration, efficient communication, and environmental sustainability.

This brief account offers a snapshot of the transformative journey NCSoft undertook with us at CloudServus. We invite those interested in learning more to read the full case study here, providing a comprehensive view of this incredible journey.

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