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OCS 2007 Design and Sizing

The Office Communication Server 2007 Planning Guide provides loose guidelines on infrastructure sizing. These are only guidelines and not hard limits, except that an Enterprise Pool will only support up to 125,000 users. Topology Recommendations:


Servers Required

Maximum Users Supported

Standard Edition 1 – Standard Edition server1 – (Optional) Archiving Server collocated 5,000
Enterprise pool:Consolidated Configuration 4 – Enterprise Edition Front-End servers running all server roles1 – Backend(Optional) 1 Archiving Server 30,000
Enterprise pool:Expanded configurationWith Mid-Range SQL Backend 4 – Front-End Servers2 – Web Conferencing Servers2 – A/V Conferencing Servers2 – IIS Servers1 – Backend SQL Server(Optional) 1 Archiving Server 50,000
Enterprise pool:Expanded configurationWith High Performance SQL Backend 8 – Front-End Servers4 – Web Conferencing Servers4 – A/V Conferencing Servers2 – IIS Servers1 – Backend SQL Server(Optional)2 Archiving Servers 125,000

Edge Server Topology Recommendations:

Topology Supported Performance
Stand-alone Access Edge Server 15,000 client connections
Stand-alone Web Conferencing Edge Server 3,000 client connections
Stand-alone A/V Edge Server 1,500 concurrent audio/video sessions
Collocated Access Edge & Web Conferencing Edge Server Access Edge Server: 5,000 client connectionsWeb Conferencing Edge Server: 1,500 client connections
Collocated Access Edge, Web Conferencing Edge & A/V Edge Servers (Consolidated Edge Topology) Access Edge Server: 5,000 client connectionsWeb Conferencing Edge Server: 1,000 client connectionsA/V Edge Server 500 concurrent audio/video sessionsNote A/V experience may be degraded if sessions approach the maximum limit. We recommend that you deploy a separate A/V Edge Server for the optimal A/V experience

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