Reporting on Number of Users per Pool

One of my customers has Lync deployment with multiple sites and three Lync pools. If I try to use the Lync Control Panel to determine the number of users per site I am limited to 200 results. This obvious is not sufficient if you have more than 200 users in a site. Never mind that I think it’s shortsighted not to be able to modify the number of results in Control Panel, but never the less, PowerShell to the rescue!!! I took an old Exchange script and modified it to pull all users and group them by RegistrarPool and then sorted them by Name. Here is the little cmdlet.

Get-CsUser -ResultSize:Unlimited | Group-Object -Property:RegistrarPool | Select-Object Name,Count | Sort-Object -Property:Count


Here are the results:

Name                    Count            107            156            223

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