Microsoft Defender: Rebranding, Modernizing, and Simplifying Microsoft’s Security Tools

Announced at Ignite 2020, Microsoft has consolidated their threat protection products and is rebranding them as Microsoft Defender (Microsoft 365 Defender and Azure Defender).

The Microsoft 365 Defender line Now Includes:

  • Microsoft 365 Defender (previously Microsoft Threat Protection)
  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (previously Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection)
  • Microsoft Defender for Office 365 (previously Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection)
  • Microsoft Defender for Identity (previously Azure Advanced Threat Protection)

New features available in Microsoft 365 Defender include:

  • Extending mobile threat defense capabilities for Endpoint to iOS and Android
  • Extension of current macOS support with addition of threat and vulnerability management
  • Priority account protection for Office 365 helps security teams focus on phishing attacks

The Microsoft Azure Defender line Now Includes:

  • Azure Defender for Servers (previously Azure Security Center Standard Edition)
  • Azure Defender for IoT (previously Azure Security Center for IoT)
  • Azure Defender for SQL (previously Advanced Threat Protection for SQL)

New features available in Microsoft Azure Defender include:

  • Unified experience in Azure Defender to make it easy to see which resources are protected and which need protection
  • Added protection for SQL servers on-prem and in multi-cloud environments
  • Added protection for virtual machines in other clouds and improved protection for containers
  • CyberX now integrated into Azure Defender for IoT to support operational technology networks

Microsoft’s long-term plan is to unify their security offerings under the Defender naming scheme.  Once we all get past the new naming conventions, we believe this will simplify Microsoft’s impressive security product portfolio.  Now, there will be Microsoft Defender (XDR) and Azure Sentinel (SIEM), which is a powerful combination of XDR + SIEM in the marketplace.

See the link below for the official announcement from Microsoft and see how Azure Sentinel can now be integrated with Microsoft Defender to integrate your XDR data seamlessly.

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