The star of last year’s product roadmap was Office 365. Microsoft this year looks likely to pivot from the public cloud to the private cloud, while also shipping staples like SQL Server and releasing major betas — and possibly final versions — of blockbusters including Windows 8 tablet, client and server, and Office 15.

  • April 26, 2012

    RECENTLY UPDATED: Windows Phone 8 (9/19), Office 2013 (9/17), Office 365 (9/17), Windows 8 (9/17), Dynamics ERP Online (9/13)

    Microsoft partners depend heavily on the Microsoft product delivery schedule. Coordinating partner products and services with the release of major Microsoft platform products is essential to a successful partner business. While Microsoft makes release date information public for some products, those clues are scattered across the hundreds of Microsoft product pages and blogs. Meanwhile, for other important products, Microsoft often is very careful not to promise too much in terms of delivery dates.

    Enter the Redmond Channel Partner magazine Microsoft Product Roadmap. We collect the information from scattered Microsoft public statements, blog entries and educated industry speculation about possible release dates for the products Microsoft is less willing to talk about — all in one place. The RCP Microsoft Product Roadmap, updated all year on, is the most comprehensive and up-to-date roadmap for Microsoft products from Windows and Office to SQL Server and other servers to business-touching consumer products such as Windows Phone.

    Click on the links in the table below to jump directly to a product:

  • Windows 8
    Anticipated release: October 26
    (UPDATED 9/4)
    Windows Server 2012
    (UPDATED 9/4)
    System Center 2012
    (UPDATED 9/11)
    SQL Server 2012
    (UPDATED 4/2)
    Internet Explorer 10
    Anticipated release: Between Q3 2012 and early 2013 
    (UPDATED 5/31)
    "Office 15"
    Anticipated release: Q4 2012 
    (UPDATED 4/16)
    "Exchange 15"
    Anticipated release: Q4 2012 
    (UPDATED 7/26)
    Visual Studio 11
    (UPDATED 4/12)
    Kinect for Windows
    (UPDATED 3/27)
    Windows Phone "Tango" and 8
    ”Tango”: Released
    Anticipated Windows Phone 8: Q4 2012

    (UPDATED 9/19)
    Dynamics ERP Online
    Anticipated release: Q4 2012 
    (UPDATED 9/13)
    Office 365
    Anticipated update schedule: "Almost weekly"
    (UPDATED 9/17)
    Windows Azure
    Rumored CTP release: Spring 2012 
    (UPDATED 9/7)
    "SharePoint 15"
    Anticipated release: Q4 2012 
    (UPDATED 8/21)

    Click here for the 2011 Roadmap archive.

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