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Introducing the New Microsoft Intune Suite Components

Introducing the New Microsoft Intune Suite Components

The Microsoft Intune Suite has been recently expanded. Microsoft added a couple new solutions to the suite, Microsoft Intune Enterprise Application Management and Microsoft Cloud PKI, and has relaunched what used to be called advanced Endpoint analytics under its new name Microsoft Intune Advanced Analytics.

These solutions significantly enhance the suite's capabilities, providing advanced cross-platform functionalities across application security, secure access, and troubleshooting support. Organizations should note that the Intune Suite is an add-on to Intune Plan 1 (or a plan that includes it). There is good news for customers not needing all the features Intune Suite has to offer.  Microsoft has made all three solutions mentioned above available for organizations to purchase stand-alone, as long as they meet licensing prerequisites.  

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1. Microsoft Intune Enterprise Application Management

Enterprise Application Management offers a comprehensive app catalog, simplifying the distribution and management of managed apps. Key features include: 

  • Pre-Packaged Apps: Discover and deploy popular pre-packaged apps directly from their publishers. 
  • Self-Updating Apps: Allow trusted apps to self-update, ensuring all devices are running the latest versions with minimal effort. 
  • Future Enhancements: The app catalog will continuously expand to enhance endpoint security and streamline operations. 

This tool addresses the challenge of keeping applications updated and secure, reducing the time and effort IT administrators spend on packaging apps and tracking updates. It provides a streamlined, efficient way to manage third-party applications, ensuring they are current and secure. 


2. Microsoft Cloud PKI

Cloud PKI simplifies and automates certificate lifecycle management for Intune-managed devices. Key capabilities include: 

  • Quick Setup: Set up a PKI in minutes and manage certificates without extensive technical expertise. 
  • Bring-Your-Own CA: Integrate your private CA with Intune’s Issuing CA for seamless certificate management. 
  • Automated Deployment: Automatically deploy certificates for various authentication scenarios, including Wi-Fi and VPN. 

Cloud PKI supports modern PKI management, reducing the need for on-premises infrastructure and offering a scalable, cloud-native solution for secure access. 


3. Microsoft Intune Advanced Analytics

Initially introduced in March 2023 as advanced Endpoint analytics, Microsoft Intune Advanced Analytics provides actionable reporting and AI-driven insights to improve the user experience. Key features include: 

  • Near Real-Time Insights: Gain deep insights into connected devices and managed apps. 
  • AI and Machine Learning: Use advanced statistical analysis to anticipate and address issues like battery degradation. 
  • Real-Time Device Querying: Utilize Kusto Query Language for on-demand device querying to expedite troubleshooting. 

Microsoft Intune Advanced Analytics helps organizations proactively detect and resolve endpoint issues, streamline the troubleshooting process, and enhance the overall user technology experience. 

These components of the Microsoft Intune Suite mark a significant step forward in delivering comprehensive and advanced endpoint management capabilities. Organizations can now achieve streamlined application security, secure access to resources, and improved troubleshooting, all while simplifying operations and enhancing security. The future of endpoint management is here, and it is more powerful and efficient than ever. 

Need help navigating the new Intune Suite components? Reach out to us at CloudServus for expert guidance and support. 

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