Using Telnet to Send Mail

Sending email through telnet can be a useful tool when testing mail functionality, testing for open relays, or sending mail from admin scripts. This is something I don’t use often enough, so I’ve created this blog as a reminder.


  1. Open the cmd prompt.
  2. Type telnet <server> 25
  3. Type HELO <domain>
  4. Type MAIL FROM: <email address>
  5. You may get a message saying “250 ok
  6. Type RCPT TO: <email address>, <email address>, <email address>, etc.
  7. You may get another message saying “250 ok
  8. To write the message, type DATA, followed by your message.
  9. To enter a Subject, type SUBJECT:, followed by your message.
  10. To end the message, put a period on a new line by itself and press Enter.
  11. Type QUIT to exit Telnet.



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