💥 Microsoft Endpoint Manager has some major updates recently announced! In cliff note form, here are the Top 6 updates my network needs to be aware of. 💥

✔ MFA is now a ‘Security Default’ for all new O365 tenants. When MFA is enabled, it decreases the likelihood of being compromised by 99.9%.

✔ Improved integration between ConfigMgr and MS Endpoint Manager Admin Center – test it yourself at endpoint.microsoft.com.

✔ You can now attach an InTune tenant to your ConfigMgr deployment, which automatically uploads all your ConfigMgr devices into the InTune service. This allows you to speed up common actions across all devices in one single web-based experience.

✔ Bringing the richness of Software Center (from Config Mgr) + MyApps (From Azure AD) into the InTune company portal for unified app delivery.

✔ Edge browser can now be centrally managed across all devices platforms, with dedicated Security Baselines.

✔ MacOS management updates! New MDM agent for MacOS! Can currently shell script to automate repetitive tasks. This is just the beginning of a first-class MacOS management experience through MS Endpoint Manager (though the partnership with JAMF continues).


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