Enforcing Passwordless Logins with AADJ Windows 10 and Endpoint Manager (Intune)In the last blog post, we enabled FIDO2 security key logins with Windows 10 on our AADJ Windows machines, but [Read More]

CloudServus Achieves Microsoft Gold Partner Competency in Cloud Productivity  CloudServus is very proud to announce that they have attained Microsoft Gold Partner status in Cloud Productivity, yet another milestone for the company to go along with competencies in Cloud Platform and Small and [Read More]

How to Shift from a Reactive to a Proactive Cyber Security ApproachAs you’ve probably heard, cyber attacks are up this year. But while big-name breaches tend to get the most [Read More]

4 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Azure Costs2020 has challenged our customers to find new ways to reduce their IT spend.  Cost optimization is at the forefront of our customers' [Read More]

FIDO2 Security Key for Windows 10 (Part 1)As companies like Yubico announce the next generation of YubiKeys with biometrics, let's take a look at what is actually possible today with [Read More]

Microsoft task/list applications:  Lists vs. To-Do vs. Planner vs. Tasks Recent announcements with Microsoft's task-oriented applications have left many of our customers left to wonder: When do I use which [Read More]

Microsoft task/list applications:  Lists vs. To-Do vs. Planner vs. TasksRecent announcements with Microsoft's task-oriented applications have left many of our customers left to wonder:When do I use which Microsoft task [Read More]

Full Azure AD P1 is coming to M365 Premium⚡ For our customers under 300 employees, Azure Active Directory Plan 1 is coming to M365 Business Premium.⏮ Previously this SKU had [Read More]

Licensing Azure AD Premium (Conditional Access, MFA, etc.)⚡ Azure AD Premium Plans ⚡Licensing for MFA, Conditional Access, and Risk-Based Conditional Access has been coming up in many of our conversations.🔸 [Read More]

Validate Azure AD Device Dynamic Membership Rules in PreviewPreviously when creating queries for dynamic membership rules in Azure AD, you would have to create the group, then provide the syntax, [Read More]

💥 Microsoft Endpoint Manager has some major updates recently announced! In cliff note form, here are the Top 6 updates my network needs to be aware of. 💥✔ MFA is [Read More]

Are you having trouble removing a synced Teams folder from your Windows Explorer view? To help understand how this works, it is useful to remember that OneDrive for Business and [Read More]

Microsoft Teams, OneDrive for Business (OneDrive) and SharePoint are all connected, with SharePoint being the backend storage system. Whether you are storing files in your OneDrive for Business account or [Read More]

Let's talk a little Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) or Desktop as a Service (DaaS).It's a hot topic right now with many of our customers requiring some sort of remote work [Read More]

Very little can be said with certainty these days, beyond that we appear to be heading into a period of prolonged economic volatility. On March 19th, 2020, Bank of America’s [Read More]

Microsoft Cloud App Security continues to impress our customers and us with its capabilities!  I'll abbreviate it as MCAS, because anyone who works in the Microsoft space will know that [Read More]

Azure Reservations are a great way for our customers to save on their Azure spend, but it benefits Microsoft as well.  With Azure Reservations, Microsoft is asking you as the [Read More]

A company that sells and services communication devices had an upcoming Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) deployment planned for the following week, but they overlooked one important detail. They [Read More]

Tonight, while working in Outlook (Office 365 Pro Plus) I switched on the Coming Soon toggle switch in the top right corner. Microsoft introduced the "Coming Soon" feature in 2018, [Read More]

Scenario: Customer needs to receive email alerts from various alerting systems outside of their email system and go to multiple people that are not members of their company email system. [Read More]

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